The Pontevedra Film Commission is a free public service provided by the Deputación de Pontevedra, managed by Turismo Rías Baixas, aimed at promoting the province of Pontevedra as a setting for shooting films and audiovisual projects; at reinforcing our brand positioning in the international market and boosting its economic growth; and at advising and supporting all national and international companies and professionals in the film sector that wish to shoot films and videos in the province of Pontevedra.

Moreover, the Pontevedra Film Commission also manages all procedures, meets the needs of companies and helps in activities related to films, television programmes and series, documentaries, commercials and photographic reports to be shot or recorded in this province.

  • Production and shooting support services. 
  • Assistance and guidance on finding locations for filming.
  • Collaboration with both public and private entities for developing shootings. Intermediation with public and private institutions.
  • Creation of a permanent local and regional partnership network in order to make the audiovisual work of producers and creators easier.
  • Guidance, advice, information and support regarding the necessary procedures to develop audiovisual projects in coordination with other local, regional and national administrations for processing all necessary licences, authorisations and documentation for shooting.
  • Support for audiovisual production companies wishing to shoot in the province of Pontevedra by acting as a liaison between film production companies, companies providing services linked to production, subsidiary companies and professionals in the film sector. 
  • Assistance to the local film sector and companies in the province of Pontevedra related to these services by offering information on local companies and professionals in the sector, by acting as a liaison between film production companies and professionals, and those providing services and facilities for the film sector in the province, as well as advice and information.
  • Promotion and dissemination in the media.
  • Development of national and international promotional campaigns together with the Spain Film Commission.
  • Dissemination of the film culture among citizens with the aim of turning the province of Pontevedra into a setting for shooting films and audiovisual projects.

Turismo Rías Baixas

Palacete de las Mendoza, Plaza de Santa María s/n. 36071 - Pontevedra, Spain

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